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Title : Rainfall Erosivity Index Model for Predicting the Potential Erosion Rate by Using Rainfall Simulator

Abstract :

This research intends to investigate the rainfall erosivity index that has the highest correlation the surface run-off volume and the volume of erosional soil. In addition, this research aims to determine the most effective rainfall erosivity index due to the observation. The methodology consists of modeling by using rainfall simulator in the hydrology laboratory. Then, the linier regression analysis is used for formulating the model. The result shows that the rainfall intensity will influence the erosivity during the certain time with the determination coefficient: R2 = 0. 997.. Based on the variance analysis, the formulation of EI30 is EI30 = I0.2353 H1.4544 with the minimal average time is 30 minutes and the maximal one is 60 minutes will cause the run-off and land erosion

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