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Title : Quality of Spermatozoid Preclinical Analysis on Male Mice Mus Musculus L

Abstract :

One form of in vivo experimental is performed on Mus musculus mice to determine the quality of spermatozoid in animals. As many as 30% of the causes of infertility are in male factors, namely decreased sperm motility as a consequence of mitochondrial dysfunction, minimum energy production. Another cause of decreased spermatozoid quality in humans is lack of minerals, especially zinc (Zn). Zn deficiency in the long run can inhibit the formation of sperm cells. This study was conducted to determine preclinical analysis of the quality of spermatozoid male Mus musculus with AnadaraMan Plus pellet intervention. The results of this study is there was no difference in smell, color, and consistency in quality of sperm Mus musculus L, while the pH and motility of sperm increased with increasing doses of AnadaraMan Plus

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