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Title : Quality assurance in a sustainable architecture creation process

Abstract :

The creativity of modern architects and urban planners, engineers and technologists working in various fields of design and construction activities as well as the creation and production of new materials, structures and technologies are inextricably linked with general trends in socio-economic development. It can effectively support the importance of architecture as a product in the sense of social response. The marketing activities are those activities that suffer adjustments due to the continuous changes in the users' needs to their behavior. In another hand, the subject of sustainable architecture and marketing became an important issue within design and construction process, where the application of the sustainable concept in design and execution process is rescuable, and it is not clear, therefore a clear reading of the building production by a clear strategy put sustainable architecture in a right way towards salability and it will be clear. The aim of this study is to create an evident comprehension, of the correlation between the phenomenon of marketing, supported by the concept of quality in sustainable architecture, and what it represents for the building users today. The method in this article takes two kinds of approach, the first is a literature study the other one is a semi-structured quality method, where an involved person has to create a hierarchy of priorities of many factors, related to the sustainable architecture factors. The study offers a clear reading of the most required factors of building users for getting a high-quality sustainable architecture

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