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Title : Psychometric Assessment of Mathematics Algebra Item Banks for Computerized Adaptive Test

Abstract :

The purpose of the research is to produce the item bank to measure polytechnics students’ performance in Mathematics algebra topic. Computerized Adaptive Test, an adaptive mode of testing that has the features to measure the performance of test takers based on their ability level. Computerized Adaptive Test has the ability to precisely target test item difficulty to estimate test-taker ability. However, computerized test can only be realized if item bank that contains sets of questions with different difficulty levels is developed. In order to produce the item bank, this study uses a combination of linking and equating of 36 sets of test related to Mathematics Algebra. All 36 sets of test are administered to a sample of 1,464 students from 4 polytechnics in northern Peninsular Malaysia. The findings of this research show that the item banks are credible and reliable.  Using Rasch model and item-response-theory, this research proves that the items can be used for item bank designed for Computerized Adaptive Testing

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