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Title : Protection of a Disturbed Electric Network Using a Solid State Protective Relay

Abstract :

The major problem facing the power industry today is reliability of power supply. The task of power system protection is to provide adequate protection for the network. However, faults do occur in a power system and there is need to isolate the faulty equipment or section from the healthy part of the system faster. This paper provides the design and implementation of the protection of a disturbed electric network using a solid state relays for enhancement of power system protection. The design and implementation was done in four stages; power supply unit, voltage sensing unit, current sensing unit, and the switching. The result shows that the relay with the help of opto-coupler, constantly monitor the parameter, overload voltage and overcurrent that are to be controlled and if it exceeds the percentage range set by the operational amplifiers then it sends a signal to the switching circuit to break the connection and isolate the faulty part at a minimal delay time. The implementation of relay thus, enables better time response for protection

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