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Title : Promoting city performance depending upon the creative city strategies / Sulaimaneyah city as a case study.

Abstract :

through the holistic visionary plan 2030, Sulaimaneyah is aiming for a future knowledge and economic creative based development. It is taking one main pillar in the country vision strategy to build a well-established human force that will sustain the city and country growth. Sulaimaneyah City is assigned to be a cultural and creative hub that attracts creative workers from around the globe and establish its local creative human capital.  In that regard, one can raise two essential questions: the first is this vision enough to start the creative culture economy and reduce its dependency on the oil-based economy to accelerate the creative city growth? The second; or do we need to adjust our city planning to flourish and support Sulaimaneyah creative cultural aspect? The study responds to these questions through running a qualitative and quantitative   study of the creative cultural state of Sulaimaneyah creative city planning direction.


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