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Title : Production Magnesium By Thanh Hoa Dolomite Via Vacuum Reduction Process

Abstract :

The magnesium and magnesium alloys demand  in several industries currently in Viet Nam becomes increasingly huge. The domestic consumption has promoted the development in researching the magnesium regional. In the world, the magnesium generating procedures are commonly known as Dow, Mintek, Magnetherm, Pidgeon. Among them Pidgeon tends to be the most popular one because of the convenience in the practical field, less requirement in the high quality workforce  and low expenses. There is no factory in Viet Nam producing the magnesium, however, the diversity raw materials like magnesite and dolomite are strong foundation for Viet Nam to be independent in making magnesium. This study focuses on rating the magnesium producing process from dolomite ore in Thanh Hoa – Vietnam by Pidgeon while Chinese ferrosilicon is used as reducing agent. The crucial factors have impact on the recovering procedure including the reductant rate, recovering temperature, recovering period. The chemical and mineralogical analyse of Thanh Hoa dolomite has indicated that this kind of mineral is suitable for silicon thermal process to produce magnesium. The rate of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide after heating are 0.37, 0.54, respectively. A computing model using FacSage software has been applied to estimate the ability of magnesium recovery from Thanh Hoa dolomite. The result has predicted that recovery efficiency and the magnesium purity is extremely high. However, the result form the vacuum furnace in a range of temperature from 1000oC to 1300oC is lower than the one in the model. The test resultant has indicated when the rate of ferrosilicon go up 0.2 to 0.3 comparing to dolomite, the highest process productivity will be 0.84 getting with the volume of ferrosilicon 0.3.

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