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Title : Printed Meander Dipole Antenna Array at S-Band Frequency for 3-Dimensional Air Surveillance Radar Application

Abstract :

In a wireless communication system, one component that plays an important role is an antenna. On the radar system, it takes the characteristics of low profile and lightweight antennas. So, the current technology trends have focused a lot on the design of printed antennas. The type of printed meander dipole antenna was chosen because it was able to reduce the dimensions of the usual dipole arm. In this paper, the authors designed and simulated the antenna using CST Studio Suite. Then we fabricated and measured both a single element and eight-element antennas to verify the antenna performance. The antenna works at S-Band frequency. This antenna using Rogers RO-4003C (lossy) as a substrate with relative permittivity 3.55, thickness 1.524 mm, and has the advantage of being more resistant to input power (power handling) than FR-4. The realization of eight-element antennas is using for a 3-dimensional monopulse tracking air surveillance radar. The simulation results show functional return loss that is less than -15 dB. The radiation pattern is directional. Single element gain is more than 5 dB, while eight elements gain 13.78 dB, and the antenna input impedance is 50 W. So, the antenna has been qualified to the desired specification and can be used as a reference antenna for air surveillance radar system.

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