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Title : Preliminary Design of Micro Hydro Power Plant in Kelekar River, Ogan Ilir District

Abstract :

The use of micro hydro power plants (PLTMH) in utilizing existing water resources has been widely carried out, especially for people in rural areas who experience difficulties in accessing electricity networks and are spread throughout Indonesia. One of the rivers in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia, which has a swift flow of water to be able to drive a turbine is the Kelekar River located in Ogan Ilir district. Besides having a quite heavy flow of water, Kelekar River is supported by the presence of the reservoir basins that is Embung of Sriwijaya University which has an overflow design be equipped 2 sluice gates with dimensions of 2 x 1.5 m and width threshold with top point elevation +6.00. This study aims to calculate the initial design of micro hydro power plants on the Kelekar River based on the river flow rates and the height of the water falling. Stages of analysis include rainfall analysis, test the suitability of data distribution, calculate concentration time, determine runoff coefficient values, calculate runoff discharge and calculate the height of the water falling, initial design analysis of micro hydro power plants. Based on the calculation analysis, it is obtained that the flowrate of the kelekar river is 211.109 m3/sec (QRmax) and 15.732 m3/sec (QRmin), design discharge (Qd) = 0.45m3/sec, the high of effective energy (H) = 3.475792 m, power from water flow 15.344 kW, dan the power produced by the turbine is Pt = 11.508 kW with the turbine efficiency t = 0.75

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