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Title : Prediction, Control, Motivation and Deterrence-based Model to Raise Information Security Awareness among Organisations' Employees

Abstract :

The primary objective of this study is to validate and evaluate the proposed study model to enhance information security awareness (ISA) among Omani public sector employees. The increase in cyberattacks targeting the information infrastructure in Omani government units highlights the importance of protecting the information infrastructure by enhancing security awareness among employees. The proposed model was constructed by incorporating variables of three psychological theories—the theory of planned behavior, protection motivation theory and general deterrence theory—in addition to two facilitating conditions, namely, organizational support and communication. Positivism was used as a philosophy in this study, and a quantitative approach was applied in a survey of respondents. A main survey was conducted, and answers were analyzed from 391 respondents, all employees from various units of the Omani public sector. The results of this study led to all hypotheses being accepted, with the exception of one hypothesis, where structural equation modelling failed to support the link between perceived certainty of sanctions and employees’ ISA behavioral intention. Moreover, the measurement and structural models demonstrated strong fit indices. This study provides important information for researchers interested in the field of information security as it contributes to enriching the body of relevant literature and enhancing ISA in Oman

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