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Title : Prebiotic factors effect of low molecular weight compounds isolated from Bifidobacterium longum fermented milk on mucus in C3H/He Germ Free Mice

Abstract :

As in the study on the conventional host, we investigated the effect of the dialyzable fraction isolated from Bifidobacterium longum whey on germ-free C3H/He mice mucus. Cow’s milk was, either, fermented with Bifidobacterium longum strain (F) or acidified by a 3M acetic – 2M lactic acid solution (C). Wheys F and C were dialysed against water. Each dialyzate was lyophilized and solubilized into water before sterilization by filtration. Germ-free (20) mice were maintained into isolator and fed with a standard diet. Ten animal received ad-libitum the F solution, the remaining ones the C solution. The mucus was then analysed. The chromatographic and electrophoretic analysis, as well as the variations of the Wesley ratio and the sum of the four sugars characteristic of the mucins, show that the dialysate F increases the proportion of native mucin, therefore a better protection. In addition, a different protein and glycoprotein composition and an increase in total protein and carbohydrate levels are observed in the fecal extract concentrate. It may be thought that there is a change in the catabolism of mucins, which leads to molecules of molecular weight greater than 10 KDa. However, the Dialyzate F not alter the cellular activity of the host

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