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Title : Power-Prestige, Retention-Time, Distrust and Anxiety: Variables that explain Attitude towards Money

Abstract :

The purpose of this research is to identify if power-prestige, retention-time, distrust, and anxiety are variables that explain attitude towards money in 631 users of Facebook and WhatsApp. The instrument used for this purpose is an adaptation to the Mexican context of the Money Attitude Scale (MAS), designed by the seminal authors Yamauchi and Templer [36]. The MAS is composed of 29 items with a Likert scale of 7 response options where never and always are the extreme values. The analysis of the data matrix showed an internal reliability and consistency with a Cronbach's Alpha of 0.831. The results suggest that attitude toward money on the part of the respondents shows a greater tendency towards the dimension of power-prestige followed by distrust when making purchases

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