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Title : Pollution Phenomenon in Mural Paintings

Abstract :

This paper examines mural paintings displayed on building walls in urban society. This research assess why some murals have not succeeded in attracting tourists to visit, have not been responded to much, and incited social media engagement. Murals are considered by some as a form of visual pollution that pollutes walls rather than embellishes them. Murals have become a trend, and they cover the walls that many tourists see. The presence of murals as a form of euphoria involves a group of people and is intended as both a tourist attraction and a type of free expression as parts of contemporary city culture. This paper uses the research method of phenomenology by Edmund Husserl. This findings reveal that murals fail when they did not fulfill aesthetic rules and did not stimulate the public to interact with the paintings’ visual elements. This research found that visual elements creating humorous, unique, and attractive narratives can be more desirable and have greater potential to be uploaded to social media, which in turn will contribute to constructing city image

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