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Title : PLC Controller Design of A Solar Powered Automatic Sprinkler System

Abstract :

Solar energy is a renewable energy that utilizes photovoltaic (PV) to generate electricity. Solar panels are used in automatic plant sprinklers, which are strongly influenced by irradiation from the sun (w / m2) to generate electrical power to activate the PLC device. The PLC device used in this study is the Zelio Smart Relay with type SR2B121JD which has 12 I / O and has a working voltage of 12 VDC, which functions to run the water pump in the watering system automatically. The experimental data collected in the form of solar panel power sourced from solar energy, the power that has been processed by the MPPT Controller, which supplies the PLC and water pump, PLC switching data and water discharge from the output of the solar pump. From the research that has been done, it is obtained direct power from PV with the highest average of 136.52 W and with the lowest average power of 9.25 W. The output power of the PV before becoming the power input for the PLC first passes through the controller so that the excessive or insufficient voltage does not cause damage to the PLC system. It produces the highest average power of127.97 W and the lowest average power of 104.44 W. Automatic plant sprinklers tests are carried out with a programmable control system on PLC memory and running the water pump for 180 seconds on the tests automatically

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