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Title : Piezoelectric Module Based Electronic Gadget Charging Systems

Abstract :

Electronic gadgets nowadays have become an essential part of daily human life. Electronic devices are increasing in popularity because of the convenience to use, and it can provide many kinds of information with a single touch from the web. However, it needs electrical energy source operation. With the increasing demand for electrical power, all countries face some technical issues with the consistency of current power sources and tend to fail from time to time. Several alternative power systems are proposed; the piezoelectric power system is the best choice since it is a low cost and one-time investment. This paper explores how to create an electrical source by using a piezoelectric transducer. Piezoelectric transducers (PZT) are particular types of materials that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. For this specific, this project has proposed the concept of piezoelectric power generation to use shoe pressure. Whenever someone walks by wearing this specialized shoe, the pressure is exerted on the shoe sole due to weight and muscular tension. The piezoelectric generator embedded into the shoe's sole converted the mechanical energy into electrical energy. A rechargeable battery stored management system will keep the power as electrical energy for further uses. The proposed approach has been designed and implemented the shoe sole, and the result shows good compliance with theory and design. These results will help the other researchers who are working in this field.

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