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Title : Performance Index Model of Groundwater Irrigation Systems in the Karst Mountain Region: Case Study in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta

Abstract :

This study aims to obtain determinants of the parameters of the index performance of groundwater irrigation in the karst mountainous regions. Determination of the value of performance index of groundwater irrigation systems is based on technical aspects and non-technical aspects by analyzing the variables that give effect to each of the aspects both technical and non-technical. The method used in collecting data for technical variables was direct measurement of site visit and secondary data from the field. The non-technical aspects of using questionnaire data as qualitative data were converted into quantitative data. Filtering of variables was done with the smart PLS-Partial Least Squares tool. Then an analysis was carried out using the GRG-Generalized Reduced Gradient method to solve the non-linear equation with the objective-objective assumption and constraints. The model calibration test was calibrated and simulated on the parameters used. The results of the study were in the form of a performance index model to measure the level of success in developing groundwater irrigation systems in karst mountainous regions. The performance index evaluation of the developed groundwater irrigation system was an accumulation of technical indexes and non-technical indices involving influential variables

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