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Title : Performance improvement of evaporative cooling system by combine with heat recovery and desiccant

Abstract :

Evaporative cooling is a good alternative of refrigeration cooling systems. This system is environmentally friendly and consumes low electrical energy. However, this system has some disadvantages which is greatly affect on the performance of the system. One of these problems is the affected by external conditions (humidity) makes space uncomfortable and reduces the effectiveness of evaporative cooling. This paper will focus on overcome this problem and improving the performance of the system. An evaporative cooling system was combined with heat recovery and desiccant in order to improve the performance of the system in a humid condition. The unit was constructed and installed at University of Technology in Baghdad. The system includes ducting, desiccant bed, plate heat exchanger (heat recovery), centrifugal fans and heaters. This is accomplished through reducing the moisture imposed on the cooling unit, as a result of handling the latent load of air (by desiccant material). Three air flow rate of supply in desiccant were studied (0.48, 0.61, and 0.73 m³/s). Four regeneration air flow rate in desiccant were studied (0.15, 0.28, 0.49 and 0.59 m³/s). The results show adding the desiccant material and heat recovery system could improve the performance of the system by 106 % (in a humid condition W=20.86 g/kg)

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