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Title : Performance Evaluation of 5G OFDM Filter Solutions with Multiuser Superposition Transmission

Abstract :

Multiuser superposition transmission (MUST) provides the flexibility of using the same radio resources for two users with varying distance from the serving base station. This article presents a performance evaluation of MUST using three waveforms; namely: cyclic prefix orthogonal frequency division multiple access (CP-OFDM), and two newly proposed frequency division multiplexing (FDM) filter solutions for 5G, which are universal filtered multiple access (UFMC) and filtered OFDM (F-OFDM). The evaluation process takes into consideration two main criteria; throughput and peak to average power ratio (PAPR). Two scenarios have been simulated and studied. In scenario one, six user equipment (UEs) and two base stations (BSs) were simulated in orthogonal multiple access (OMA) environment, while in scenario two, 12 UEs and two BSs were simulated in MUST environment. The simulation results show that the far UEs can be served with sufficient data rates to provide basic connection, without much degradation in the throughput of near UEs. Furthermore, the comparison shows a 53.5% increase in the overall throughput of MUST NOMA compared to OMA with CP-OFDM scenario, and a gain of 12.58% and 52.7% for UFMC and F-OFDM, respectively

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