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Title : Order Fulfillment Application Testing for Small Medium Business Using ISO 25010

Abstract :

In small and medium-sized enterprises, the use of the information systems is now familiar. Information systems are widely used for different purposes, including the fulfillment of orders in a company. One system that can be used to fulfill orders in a small to medium business is Order Fulfillment Application. One small to medium business company in Jakarta has been using Order Fulfillment Application. A key process in chain management is the order fulfillment process. Supply is an order from customers that activates the supply chain, and it is the first step in providing customer service efficiently and effectively. Researchers are therefore interested in testing the software to assess application quality in the business. A field study and User Acceptance Test (UAT) with ISO 25010 standards are the tools used by researchers to run tests. Due to time and cost limitations, this work is restricted to functional suitability characteristics. Several inconsistencies between the expected results and real results have been identified from the test results, some of which have a significant level of severity. Although in its main functionality, the application used still meets the requirements of the company, it should be fixed as soon as possible. It is considered appropriate to use the UAT method because it can cover a wide range of functional suitability characteristics

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