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Title : Optimization of yarn texturing process DTY-150D/96F using taguchi method

Abstract :

A study of the optimization of the TDY 150D/96F yarn production process parameters located at PT X has been conducted. In the process of making yarn, tenacity and filament force are some of the response variables that must be controlled to ensure the quality of the yarn meets the specified specifications. Draw ratio and temperature are input variables that will affect both response variables. Experiments were carried out using the L16 Taguchi orthogonal array with parameters, draw ratio and temperature. The draw ratio parameter uses the limits of 1: 1.23, 1: 1.30, 1: 1.40 and 1: 1.55. While the temperature parameters used are 150°C, 160°C, 170°C and 180°C. This study aims to obtain the optimum tenacity and filament force values from a combination of set process parameters. This optimization method has succeeded in improving the value of tenacity and filament force that consistently meets specifications. The highest average Tenacity value of DTY 150D/96F reaches 4.22 g/den, while the highest average filament force value of DTY 150D/96F reaches 6.55 N. For both parameters given, draw ratio is the parameter that gives the highest impact on tenacity and filament force with S/N ratio respectively 12.09 and 12.31. This result is expected to be used to develop DTY 150D/96F yarn quality in other significant aspects

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