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Title : Optimization of Process Parameters on Osmotic Dehydration ofRadish Slices

Abstract :

Response surface methodology was used to determine for optimum processing condition that yield maximum water loss and weight reduction and minimum solid gain during osmotic dehydration of radish in salt solution. The experiments were conducted according to Box-Behnken Design. The independent process variables for osmotic dehydration were processing time (30-120min), temperature (40-60°C) and salt concentration (6-10%w/w). The osmotic dehydration process was optimized for water loss, solid gain, and weight reduction. The optimum conditions were found to be; temperature = 44.575°C, immersion time =30min, salt concentration =6%. At this optimum point, water loss, solid gain and weight reduction were found to be (27.87g/100g initial sample), (1.05g/100g initial sample) and (26.83 g/100g initial sample), respectively

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