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Title : Optimization of Dressing Parameters for Grinding Convex Shaped Profile Cylinder Part by CBN Wheel on CNC Milling Machine

Abstract :

Grinding is one of the most important finish processing methods for hard-to-machine metallic alloys. For precise grinding, dressing is required. In grinding processes, the dressing regime parameters are the most important enabling factors that need to be determined. This study refers to the influences of the dressing parameters when grinding sharpen convex surface by CBN wheel on CNC milling machine are investigated. Those parameters are the depth of dressing cut, the rate of dressing feed and the speed of grinding wheel. This study has applied Taguchi technique and analysis of variance (ANOVA) to identify the impact of dressing regime parameters on the surface roughness. The results show that the impact level of the feed rate (Fe), the wheel speed (Rpm), the cutting depth (aed) are 38,35%, 28.84%, 24.44% with an error on surface roughness (Ra) is 7.36%. For the desired result “smaller is better”, optimum dressing parameters with the cutting depth of 0.02 mm, the wheel speed of 1000 rpm and the infeed rate of 200 mm/min have been determined. With their optimum dressing parameters, the grinding processe convex shaped profile cylinder part by CBN wheel on CNC milling machine gets the best surface roughness

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