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Title : Novel Remote Parallel Processing Code-Breaker System via Cloud Computing

Abstract :

The focus of the paper is toward designing an efficient approach to retrieve processing information from the performed parallel processing via cloud computations technology. Novel Remote Parallel Processing Code-Breaker System via Cloud Computing (NRPPCBSCC) proposed system depends three main sides (Client, Cloud and Server). Hence, the paper covers execution of complex problems, heavy load processing, benefiting from parallel processing approaches via cloud computing principles. The user can send a heavy load from single/multiple client(s) through the cloud-side to single/multiple server(s) for processing single/multiple hash-code(s) with single/multiple thread(s) organizations. The results return back from server-side through cloud-side to the client-side with full-details about the significant required parameters and metric to asses and evaluate the code cracking process. However, all these details will be remaining in the database system of cloud-side that has the role of communicating between client-side with server-side. The system is useful for lay users to understand and enhance intuitive perceptions of the parallel processing via cloud computing

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