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Title : Nonlinear Analysis Comparison to Predict Design Charts for Normal and Lightweight Prestressed Concrete Double Tee Beams

Abstract :

Precast prestressed concrete double tee is an economic bearing element which can be prepared into a large span to coverage large area. Self-weight of the beam and overlay slabs or finishing layers considered a major part of the load carried by prestressed concrete beams. If all or part of the beam can be manufactured using lightweight concrete, there is a prospective for economic savings because its self-weight could be reduced up to 20%. This research paper represent a comparison between double tee beam made from lightweight concrete vs. normal weight in the basic of designing issues for its major aspects. The study based on the section adopted by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, and a parametric analysis carried out to predict a design guide for both lightweight and normal weight section. Load-span charts obtained and recommended to used with clear way to show the effect of reducing the total weight of the section by using lightweight concrete. Then the effect extend to include the camber at erection and long-time camber. In general the variation of load bearing capacity of the section raised much more for lightweight with respect to normal weight concrete. Also, better response in its camber behavior shown at both stages (at erection up to long-time)

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