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Title : Network Reconfiguration to Improve Oman Distribution Network Parameters Using SCADA System and Fuzzy Clustering Technique

Abstract :

Electric utilities worldwide are going through a process aimed at load balancing, reducing technical losses and improving the power quality. Network reconfiguration is one of several methods or applications to achieve these goals. It is featured with no investment costs where it is carried out through identifying the best location of the open point in the network. For this purpose, this paper is focused on applying the fuzzy clustering technique (FCT) on real distribution network in Mazoon Electricity Network (MEN) as a part of Oman distribution network. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is used for measurement the performance of MEN for minimizing the power losses and improving the voltage profile. The FCT is applied to classify the distribution nodes based on their belonging to their feeder branch. The output of this FCT application is to create different valid reconfiguration scenarios which are simulated by ETAP to extract the optimal scenario that achieves the optimal network operation in terms of power losses reduction and voltage profile improvement

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