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Title : Natural Radioactivity for Soil Samples of Different Sites of Ancient Mosul

Abstract :

In order to measure the concentration of natural radionuclides in soil . The gamma spectrometric method (using 2.5 3.8 cm NaI(Tl) detector) was performed on soil samples .These samples were taken from different soil sites of Ancient Mosul in Mosul City, North of Iraq. Thirty Four soil samples were measured in order to assist specific activities of radionuclides of Ra-226 , Th-232 and K-40 . All of these samples were collected randomly from a depth of about 20cm from the surface using a hand trowel .Then soil samples were dried , crashed and passed through sieve. After that all the samples stored for one month. Before the analysis of soil samples , energy and efficiency calibration were carried out .We analyzed the spectra of samples using multi-channel analyzer (MCA) connected with the measurement system . The results of specific activities of radionuclides Ra-226,Th-232,and K-40 varied from 6.20 to 26.51(Bq/Kg) with A mean value 11.05( Bq/Kg) for Ra-226, 11.33Bq/kg to 40.78(Bq/kg) with A mean value 23.93(Bq/kg) for Th-232 and varied from 82.88 to 482.45(Bq/kg) with A mean value 226.60(Bq/kg) for K-40. Moreover, the results of this study were compared with those reported from other countries and worldwide average

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