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Title : Nata De Coco Biocellulose Drying Process for Potential Sound Dampening Applications

Abstract :

Indonesia is the number two coconut producing country in the world with one of its products is nata de coco which is processed from coconut water with a fermentation process. Nata de coco is a source of biocellulose that can be made as raw material for advanced sound dampening material. The purpose of this study was to determine the drying process of biocellulose nata de coco for potential applications of sound dampening and analyzing cellulose fibers formed by testing the moisture content and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). In the drying process is carried out at a temperature (95 -100) oC. During the first 10 minutes of drying, it appears that the forgotten water vapor from nata de coco is very much almost ± (30-40) % of the total water content which is free water content. This is because the free water content contained in the nata de coco sample is still large and easily released while in the final stages of drying the evaporated water content requires a long time because it is bound water. Drying is done until getting a constant mass. In this study the value of the balanced water content (Me) uses the Henderson equation and from the calculation the value is 16.430828706902. In the drying results, it is found that drying which produces biocellulose nata de coco which has a little water content, the potential for fungus growth is getting smaller and from the appearance of morphological biocellulose can be used as a sound dampening material because it has pores and indentations to hold the sound energy that comes so that the potential for dampening applications sound

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