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Title : Nasal Airflow Simulation on Healthy Child using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Abstract :

This research examines the influence of age on healthy child nasal airflow along the entire nasal cavity. In this research, a nasal airflow simulation is performed on a Malaysian 5-years-old female child via computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The Malaysia female child model exhibits narrower and thinner nasal passageway and has shorter turbinate’s region as compared with the other two models, i.e., male child model and female adult model from previous works. Despite their differences, a general trend is still visible in terms of cross-sectional area and average velocity magnitude profiles of the airways along with the axial distance. Besides, pressure drop, which is also known as the breathing resistance, was found to decrease as the age increases. It is also worth noticing that the flow field in the nasal cavity of a child tends to concentrate centrally when the airstream develops.

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