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Title : Nanotechnology and Internet-of- Nano-Things (IoNT) for predictive health: Opportunities and Challenges

Abstract :

The requirements of a predictive medical diagnosis become more and more important. This involves early detection of antigens. The classical immunoassays are selective and sensitive but require several successive steps thanks to enzymatic markers, what does not meet the growing demand for medical diagnostics. The development of nanotechnology has opened up new fields of applications such as that of materials science and technologies with the emergence of Nano sensors in the field of biosensors. Because of their size comparable to that of biomolecules (enzymes, antigens / antibodies), the Nano-sensors, thanks to their quasi-molecular behavior due to their size, make it possible to increase the detection threshold. The interconnection of nanosensors with the internet for health monitoring has given rise to the Internet-of- nano- Thinks (IoNT). This paper, present a view of nanotechnology and the internet of nanomaterials for more predictive health monitoring

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