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Title : Multi-bits steganography-system for hiding in images

Abstract :

Security system is implemented to conceal sensitive text-information on personal computer (PC). It offers using normal multimedia image-based steganography to substitute the pixel least significant bits with text to be hidden. The paper includes various testing setups for possible increment in the ambiguity and capacity within steganography adopting choices of 1, 2, 3 and 4 least significant bits stego-systems. The design novelty is based on offering full security data for the user for selecting suitable cover-image from the PC in terms of the security priority. This method permits the PC user to examine multi-bits steganography on various pictures for concealing similar sensitive texts. Then, it becomes possible for the user to prefer one image for using as cover image in terms of his/her choice understanding the desired capacity and security importance. The study proofs the information dependence and its security property by testing 24 fixed sizes PC pictures indicating remarkable outcomes

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