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Title : Morphological change that affecting on structural properties. (Sulaimani city as a case study)

Abstract :

urban centers are in continuous development due to different circumstances from the past till now, and sometimes due to the needs or for a specific reason enormous changes have been occurred. When changes occurred in the transportation means and cities expanded some of the major changes were developing of new areas and new axis. The research aims to identify the role of morphological changes and their mechanism and how they impact on the changes of the structure of the city however there is lack of clear vision about the mechanism of how change in land uses in the traditional area that consequently affects the changes of urban structure. The research is based on the hypothesis that states; the structural characteristics of the traditional center of Sulaimani city as one of a major city in Kurdistan region on Iraq (KRI) including the space organization has been to change the effect of the morphological changes represented by changing of land uses from residential form to commercial or services area, The city of Sulaimani was chosen for the case study since it is regarded as a model for the urban structure that testified structural changes at a partial and a whole level. The space syntax methodology has been adopted for the identification and characterization of space organization properties and changing in city structure, the case study area has been studied during three different periods of time to analyses the changes that has been occurred in the area. Finally, the study found the effect of changes in the morphology, which is clearly obvious according to the distinctive changes happened in the area was reflecting the structural system

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