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Title : Moluccans Philosophy of Peace of Ale Rasa - Beta Rasa (I Feel What You Feel) (A Moluccans Socio-Epistemological Perspective)

Abstract :

Local wisdom Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa (I feel what you feel) is a type of indigenous solidarity and inner ideas. Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa contains Moluccans authentic and natural philosophy of peace which can be found among the cosmological wealth of Orang Basudara (Moluccans brotherhood). This social epistemology study aimed to discover the intrinsic and fundamental philosophy notion of peace in local wisdom Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa as well as to reveal legitimacy epistemology, axiology, and typology of in Passo and Batumerah. The research findings indicate that the social ratio of Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa between Passo and Batumerah has pervaded their moral, soul, and life ethos from generation to generation. As a result, the society members who live in the two areas share love and feelings with each other, either in good or bad conditions. The social ratio of Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa contains a noble mission to always promote peace in the attitude, conduct, or true character of Orang Basudara. It can be concluded that Ale Rasa-Beta Rasa constitutes a philosophy of peace which also serves as a new alternative to build up peace in the society, nation, or even the world.   

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