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Title : Modified Robust AES Architecture

Abstract :

Data security is a fundamental parameter on communication system development. The capability of protecting and securing the information is a great essence for the growth of the data security and electronic commerce. The cryptography has a significant influence upon information security systems against the variety of the attacks, in which higher complexity in secret keys results in the increase of security and the cryptography algorithms’ complexity.  The sufficient and newer cryptographic methods’ versions may helpful in the reduction of the security attacks. The main aim of this research is satisfying the purpose of the information security through the addition of a new security level to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm by combining it with two other efficient encryption algorithms Number Theory Research Unit (NTRU), and Improved Hill Cipher (IHC). This aim achieved by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) followed by improved Hill Cipher (IHC) algorithm to encrypt and decrypt text in addition to use Number Theory Research Unit (NTRU) for the encryption and decryption of the AES key. The obtained results of this research have sufficient resistance to the brute-force attacks, and that makes this system more effective. Also, these modifications of AES architecture result in enhancing the complexity degree, increasing the search space of the key, and making the cipher-message too difficult to crack by attackers.

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