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Title : Modification of the Performance Index of Irrigation Area with Combination Methods: AHP, PCA, SAW, Correlation, and Cluster Analysis

Abstract :

Assessment of Irrigation Area (DI) Performance Index in Indonesia is carried out based on the Regulation of the Minister of Public Works and Housing Number 12 of 2015, along with the preparation of modernization of irrigation, the assessment of irrigation performance index needs to be adjusted to the readiness of irrigation modernization in various characteristics of Irrigation Area. The revision of the irrigation area performance index assessment in this study was carried out through the integration of the AHP Analytical Hierarchy Process statistical methods, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Simple Additive Weighting (SAW), Ridge analysis, correlation analysis, and cluster analysis. Based on AHP and SAW methods, it is found that the index for DI with weir and dam infrastructure has different weights. This is a new finding, considering the characteristics of water sources and different operational needs. The modification of DI performance index determination that has included the water balance sub-aspects in the water availability aspect as part of the readiness to face future climate change, and the production sub-aspects in the management aspect as an indicator of DI successful management, are novelty in this study. The results of this index modification are proposed to be applied in locations in Indonesia, with differences in DI with weirs and DI with dams, as well as other records.

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