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Title : Modification of DRASTIC Vulnerability Technique for Groundwater in Bahr Al-Najaf Area, Middle of Iraq

Abstract :

The main objective of this research is to identify the possibility of contamination of groundwater in the area of Bahr Al-Najaf, middle of Iraq and thus can protect groundwater from impurities and assess the vulnerability of groundwater. This area is about (2500) km2. To achieve the groundwater vulnerability, the scope of pollution was analyzed by developing the seven map layers and generating the DRASTIC technique. Every parameter has a particular weight and rate value. After generate the desired layers, every pixel was reclassified and rated, thereafter, their respective weighting factor is multiplied it. The resulted index was divided into groups. Small values designated low vulnerability and large one is communicated to those areas that have high vulnerability. Due to the fact that the study area is characterized by an efficient agricultural and industrial effort as well as a wastewater treatment plant and many other sources of pollution, nitrate concentration was used to modify the typical DRASTIC technique of the studied area. The modified weight-and-rate applied to the DRASTIC technique index map with ranging of (81-221). The result map contains large variation with the typical DRASTIC map and to some extent like to the rate adjusted utilizing concentration of nitrate, with several variances in the rate of the very low and low vulnerability region

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