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Title : Modelling a Causal Factor Relationship Affecting the Management of Sustainable Development Goal in Thailand

Abstract :

The objective of this research is to propose a model of causal factors that affects the management of sustainable development goal by adapting the best model, which is not spurious and absent from autocorrelation, multicollinearity, and heteroskedasticity. This research also attempts to fill research gaps, allowing the model to be applicable for different sectors with high effectiveness due to proper use of indicators and latent variables. As of result, this research confirms a causal relationship with direct and indirect effects between all the three latent variables; economic growth, social growth, and environmental growth. The indicators of each variable show different impact size of the relationship towards the changes in the variables. As of economic growth, it is significantly influenced by total exports. While social security can greatly influence on the changes in social growth. In terms of environmental growth, it is greatly influenced by energy consumption. In addition, economic growth has the highest error correction ability, followed by social growth and, environmental growth. This finding suggests that the Royal Thai government must acknowledge and act on improving environmental growth, because it has the slowest error correction ability compared to other two aspects. If the economy is increasingly improved, social growth will be positively affected. However, this growth can become directly and indirectly detrimental to the environment

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