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Title : Modeling of Total Sediment Transport in Kahayan River

Abstract :

The sedimentation in Kahayan River clearly influences the mobility in this river. The record that is carried out in Kahayan River can worsen the condition. Due to the important function of Kahayan River as the transportation facility, so it has to be carried out an effort to maintain the Kahayan river condistion itself. This research intends to build the total sediment transport modeling and it is conducted by using model test due to the prototype of Kahayan River is so long, wide, and depth. This modeling uses 4 variation of discharge such as Q10 = 0.489 l/s, Q23 = 0.728 l/s, Q50 = 0.797 l/s, and Q100 = 0.994 l/s by using river factual slope: 0.0019. The result shows that the 2 equation due to the analysis are close to the Shield amd Einstein equation. Besides it, the new equation that is obtained from the result of dimension analysis and then it is validated by the field data and the result is a new equation for the sediment discharge in Kahayan River is as follow: Q_s=(((V/(D^(1/2) g^(1/2) )) D^(5/2) g^(1/2))/3,6579)^(1/0,2466)

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