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Title : Model of Flow Pattern and Scouring on the Variation of Turn Before and After Installing the Permeable Crib of Laboratory Scale Nail Poles Construction

Abstract :

River is as a channel that is naturally formed. One of the river shape that is interesting to be studied is meander river. The condition of river morphology and characteristic that are river moving direction, meander symptom, local scouring danger, and the surface geology condition that indicates river cliffs need indirect protection so the current velocity can flow safely. The usage of nail poles as the river cross crib structure for the protector of clifft and indirect scouring has been more applied, however, there are many function failures of nail poles crib structure construction. This research intends to investigate the most effective of crib formation that is used in three variations of turn starting from the sharp, medium, and normal turn. In addition, as is the modelling in this research, it will be known how is the flow pattern and scouring before and after to be installed the crib on the three variation of turns. The result shows that the perpendicular crib formation is the most effective in decreasing the scouring and sedimentation that is happened

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