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Title : Model of Alfa Parameter Development at Nakayasu Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Based on the Watershed Physical Characteristic in Some Parts Watershed of Java Island

Abstract :

Nakayasu synthetic unit hydrograph is one method that is widely used in the analysis of design flood discharge in Indonesia. The Nakayasu synthetic unit hydrograph method requires relatively little data and the results still need to be tested in order to fit the reality. Following the various studies related to α parameter that have been carried out, these parameters are still not optimal and only valid in certain locations, so the formulation is needed to determine the value of α parameter which is adjusted to the physical watershed characteristics in Java. This research aims to develop a model α parameter that is related to the characteristics of the watershed in Java. The physical parameters of the watershed are shape factor (E), watershed slope (S), the distance from the outlet to a point on the stream nearest the centroid of the watershed area (T), watershed length (I), perimeter (W) and watershed area (A). The α parameter developed is generated from statistical analysis for several watershed characteristic variables that have a significant effect. The results of the model development α parameter are with R2 = 0.8768 and R = 0.9364

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