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Title : Mobile Learning Agriculture Application Using Modern Way of IoT for Children

Abstract :

Current Malaysia education scenario, teachers still use the textbook to teach in class which is the traditional teaching method while the technology boom influences the students, and a variety of learning materials are easily obtained on the Internet. Although there are over 80,000 mobile application marketed as “educational”, most of these apps are not educational. The objectives of this project are to develop a mobile application for teaching and learning purpose about farming and agriculture for children, to integrate the suitable academic resources and activities to enhance students’ engagement and understanding using interesting and creative modules, and to provide teachers with instruments for measuring students’ abilities and learning outcomes by using quizzes and tests with suitable difficulties. This project is targeted to children aged five years old who studied at Tadika Sinaran Ria, a Community Learning Centre in PACOS Trust. The syllabus and modules will be designed accordingly with suitable difficulties to make sure it is easy enough for the students to progress through the program, but hard enough to keep them learning and engaged. Hence, the mobile application is expected to fulfil the users’ requirements which including the three modules, which are various modules of Kivatu Nature Farm programs, plant identification, and plant monitoring feature. Students will also be making choices from the quizzes provided where they have the chance to discover the correct answer and learn to solve problems about farming and agriculture. Therefore, the system proposed is expected to create awareness about the importance of farming and agriculture among the nation, and to foster quality education for the disadvantaged population in rural areas by integrating technology

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