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Title : Measuring competitiveness of agri-food chains in Antioquia through productivity indices

Abstract :

The purpose of this article is to determine the level of competitiveness of the agri-food chains in Antioquia, Colombia, taking the Hass avocado as a case study. For this, the design of an instrument to measure the competitiveness of the agri-food chains in Antioquia is proposed, based on a diagnosis of the sector and taking into account the main agricultural products due to their economic impact on the department and their behavior at the level of export and with greater growth opportunity in international markets. This instrument allows the characterization of the agri-food chains and the identification of their difficulties at a productive, competitive and knowledge level, and contributes significantly to a better development of the agri-food system in Antioquia. The results show that the level of competitiveness of farmers in the avocado chain is low due to several factors such as the level of schooling, little training in productivity issues, lack of technology and quality inputs. In this way, it is necessary to improve production conditions to achieve better results in terms of competitiveness.

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