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Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affecting the femoropopliteal artery (FPA) is usually due to a chronic atherosclerotic obstruction that reduces blood flow to the lower limb. FPA stenting is an increasingly popular minimally invasive procedure that uses self-expanding nickel-titanium alloy (NiTi) stents. Benchtop mechanical stent testing allows direct evaluation of the device without interference from patient-dependent factors. The purpose of this study is to provide a ranking for different models of FPA stent that are frequently used to treat blocked FPA by applying the pictorial selection method for the criterion of variable mechanical load modes that were carried out in the experimental research studies. The results ranking of the FPA stent models was the first ranking position for SMART Control (Model I) with a net score of 3.65, the second model rank was for Complete SE (Model II) with a net score of 3.55, then SMART Flex. (Model III) with a net score of 3.40, and the classification of the last stent model was with a net score of 2.25, 2.20, and 2.10 for each one of Innova (Model X), Zilver (Model XI), and Viabahn (Model XII), respectively. There was none study has ranked the FPA stent models based on the mechanical criteria, which evaluate the mechanical performance for each stent. 

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