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Title : Marketing Model For Creative Industry “Batik” Market Oriented In The Industrial Era 4.0 (Case Study Batik Creative Industry Center, Sragen, Indonesia)

Abstract :

For the creative industry market, the industrial era 4.0  enters new challenges, including the batik industry that experiences significant competition, not only between local and national industries, but also competition from various multinational industries. This research aims to design and figure out a valid marketing model for batik products according to market desires and the goodness of fit model, so that the batik produced still exists, saleable in the market and increases the marketing performance. The research was conducted in batik industrial centers throughout Sragen Indonesia with a population of batik entrepreneurs and consumers as users of Sragen's batik products. Methods of data collection are carried out through interviews, questionnaires, observation, documentation and literature study. This research found a model of research & development (R & D) using the object of batik entrepreneurs through quantitative methods of experimental type one group pretest post-test design. Data analysis used structural equation analysis with structural equation modeling (SEM). The developed marketing model is a model of causality, correlation and influence to test hypotheses, identify the dimensions of a construct that is able to measure the influence between the identified factors in its dimensions.

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