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Title : Mapping 16 years Research Trend of ‘Scientist Creativity’: Keyword Clustering Network and Bibliometric Analysis

Abstract :

Since the 1930s creativity has been extensively studied, with many scholars regarding scientific work as a product of creativity. However, existing studies on scientist creativity are few and the information is limited. Scientist as a specific person who conduct creative work were chosen and the four P creative approach used to provide clear picture of existing research literature and identify future research implications through qualitative systematic review. Therefore, this study aimed to gain insight regarding the research trends related to scientist creativity using a bibliographic analysis and keyword clustering network. The current study used Text Mining ‘TM’ Network Analysis Visualization ‘igraph’ packages in R software and Web of Science Core Collection database. After collecting metadata from published research papers between 2004 and 2020, bibliometrics analysis was done to identify the most influential research area, country, and the research trend. Results showed that educational and education research was the most researched area while science and technology was the most influential research area. Using co-occurrence keywords analysis, clustering network were created and growth of each four cluster topic are discussed over the time

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