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Title : Management and controlling the quality of concrete mixes to improve the implementation of construction projects in Iraq

Abstract :

The design of a cement mixing process for high-quality structural concrete with sustainability practices is a complex process due to the various properties needed at the green / hardened concrete stage and the interdependence of mix design variables. Concrete is considered economically and practically one of the best materials used in the construction industry because it is easy to form, which serves different architectural purposes in addition to its low cost. Most construction projects in our country use concrete in the construction of most of their institutions because its materials are available in our country and it is easy to obtain. The cheapness of its costs, the cheapness of workers and its availability are the most important components of its industry and construction, and with this importance in the reality of construction. It requires those in charge of this industry to pay attention and follow up all new technologies and methods to obtain high-quality concrete that satisfies the users of the structure built in it. After studying and analyzing, we found that the Iraqi construction reality still has a long time to understand the importance of implementing the total quality management (TQM), as there is a large percentage of executive engineering cadres lacking the concept of total quality management and the ISO concept, and therefore construction projects, especially (concrete works) are still suffering. Among the weaknesses and shortcomings in most of the paragraphs in their implementation and manufacture, and among the most important obstacles were. The provision of machinery and equipment, the lack of encouragement and financial support, the weakness of administrative coordination between the responsible parties, the fear of taking a firm decision upon failure of the checks for materials or works for the purpose of raising them, and not to forget the absence of the monitoring role of government institutions.

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