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Title : Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Do Early Predictions of COVID-19 Infection Using Chest X-Ray Images

Abstract :

In this paper, we seek to present or explain how an application that helps in the process of diagnosing the Corona virus (COVID-19) was designed through the use of X-rays of the respiratory system of the person to be examined where this application was built based on artificial intelligence techniques that are represented in the algorithms of learning machine and deep learning, and with the expectation of a rapid increase in the spread of infection and the emergence of new cases, due to the scarcity of health resources, which require a long time in conducting tests in the laboratories for diagnosing the virus, according to which these results diagnose the patient, as no quarantine is imposed on the person who is the furthest to obtain the result, and it is this period that is waiting The results will spread the virus more quickly due to crowding. We have focused on this situation where the application displays the results very quickly too. The application can move in more than one health center, even in poor areas. Where the main idea is to take an X-ray for a person, enter the image for application, and give immediate results in less than a second, which helps in speeding the diagnosis and reducing congestion

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