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Title : Low-wall Slope Stability Analysis Using Planar Surface and 3D Simplified Janbu Method

Abstract :

PT X has a pit slope geometry design until the end of 2020, which requires slope stability analysis in order to optimize mineable coal reserves and safety of mining operations. The low-wall slopes are the focus of this research which hypothetically has a potential for planar failure. This study uses planar surface failure analysis method, which is validated by the 3-dimensional Simplified Janbu method. The results showed safety factor value is 1.09 or unstable slope conditions on the analysis of planar surface, while the 2/3-dimensional Simplified Janbu method provided a safety factor value is 1.12 and 1.05. Besides that, the prediction potential volume of slope failure from the analysis of the Simplified Janbu method is 2.478.130 m3

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