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Title : Local Character Transformation in Historic City Center of Pangkalpinang

Abstract :

Regeneration of local cultural heritage is one way to strengthen the uniqueness and identity of the city in the era of globalization, that frequently seen as a threat to the existence of city identity. It is a very relevant issue for the corridor of Jalan Masjid Jamik, as a part of the historic downtown area in the city of Pangkalpinang. Hence, the purpose of this study is to investigate the phenomenon of local character transformation in the corridor of Jalan Masjid Jamik. In this descriptive study, the identification and classification of architectural style of the facade elements of 62 buildings, as the research sample, was conducted by the author objectively and by subjective confirmation from the building owner. The results of the study exhibited that the city corridor of Jalan Masjid Jamik still has a strong Malay identity or character, because buildings with Malay architectural facade designs were observed predominantly. This local character appears alongside the global character dominated by Art Deco and Modern architectural style. The scale of trading and services conducted is one of the factors affecting the transformation of local character in the study area

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