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Title : Land Suitability Analysis And Economic Aspects Of Developing Superior Commodities In The Plantation Sector Of Pasuruan Regency

Abstract :

The development of Agropolitan areas require certain stages and the initial is identifying the superior commodities. This study, therefore, aimed to determine the superior commodity in the agropolitan area of Pasuruan Regency, East Java using the secondary data published by the Central Statistics Agency of Pasuruan Regency in 2017-2018. This research made use of land use analysis (land suitability analyses) as well as the district government policies to determine these commodities, LQ, and shift share analysis. The land suitability analysis shows the location of development superior product, LQ analysis showed the main plantation commodity is coffee and shift-share discovered those with fast growth include coffee and tobacco while land suitability found coconut, coffee, sugar cane, and tobacco. Furthermore, coffee was observed to have received support from the Pasuruan Regency Government in its development and the results from all the analyses indicate it is a superior commodity in the regency

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