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Title : Knowledge Management to Organizational Innovation Tourism Development from Samarinda City, Indonesia

Abstract :

Innovation is the success key to increased business competition. Innovation plays an important role in competitive advantages. The government, in this case, the tourism office must have the ability to quickly innovate and sustainably grow in order to win the competition. It has problems in developing knowledge that is expected to be identified and resolved through this research. This study focuses on strategies for applying knowledge management to improve organizational innovation developing tourism attraction in Samarinda as tourism potential. Previous studies are conducted in different industries and the scarcity in the context of organizational innovation of tourism potential also as a gap that underlies this research. This research is a type of literature research study by reference theory to describe and analyze the observation data. Samarinda’s tourism potential should provide knowledge management with the ins and outs of tourism itself. Samarinda Tourism Office needed should be reliable in managing potential tourist attractions, also facilitate the learning process in order to create valuable benefits in the dynamic environment. It can be stated that improving Samarinda’s tourism innovation can only be done through the strategic implications of knowledge management.

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